OGC develops top-quality torque tools to satisfy the increasing demand of high-accuracy tools in traffic and mechanical industries. We understand the importance of safety and commit to provide the most secure and easily-accessible tools for all. 

OGC continues to invest in the latest manufacturing equipment, calibration testers, and quality control facilities to ensure each product exceeds international standards. 

OGC firmly believes that customers always come first. We fulfill various customer needs through tailored mechanical designs, OEM/ODM cases, as well as services.


「CUSTOMER」in addition to quality improvement, we have to pay attention on "customer satisfaction". OGC wish to offer considerate services surpassed clients expectation.

「FORESIGHT」our each steps with responsibility and duty, we will continue to gradually move forward to design and create new mechanism torque products to increased your work efficiency.

「INNOVATION」to included manufacturing process, technology, efficient service, management, OGC has up-and-coming, practice and broadness attitudes to face any challenges.



The mechanical torque products lines including mechanism torque wrenches, torque screwdrivers, torque devices are calibrating individually and according with DIN-ISO and ASME international standards. 

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